Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I may need a "Stage Mom Intervention!"

As you know I am getting ready for our first real outing as a couple, Pippi and I. We are going to a Clinic in April, and I am getting so EXCITED!!!! An email was sent out with some information about the clinic to those of us that are attending, and so I was able to see who was going by looking at the email list.
All Fantastically kind people, and great horses.
 This being my first time as the Equestrian, I am a bit nervous. In all my years as Show Mom, I competed twice, but as a sort of after thought. (Oh and one time as a lark. And I am not fibbing when I say that no one has come near my time in the catalog race since that day). But this time and from now on, I am the RIDER!! The Equestrian. The real deal, if you will.
And I am super excited. I feel prepared, and have worked hard to get ready. Kay thinks that is hilarious since it is a Clinic. She states that if you have a horse, tack and now how to tack up and mount a horse, you are ready for this clinic. No preparation needed. But still, I want to have some working skills to build on. Plus I don't want to look the fool.

Okay, the truth is, I don't want Pippi to look the fool.

As a Mom, I was never one to live through my children. Their accomplishments made me proud, and I have often been in awe of them as they are awesome people. But...... Their accomplishments belonged to them. I have always stated that I am proud of their hard work, their diligence, their willingness to stick their necks out, their back bone and their ethics and morals. But the actual result had always been less important. The applause and praise belongs to them. Fail or succeed I am proud of effort. So when they took center stage I was happy for them, but it was for them, and I never needed them to do a particular activity to feel like mother of the year. I was not a stage mom.

Enter Pippi.
 I can not tell you the pride I feel with every new thing she learns and does. When told that she is pretty I beam as though I have complete ownership of that. As though I personally created her beauty out of clay. Her intelligence? Brilliant! Her silly nature? Funniest horse ever! I regale people with example after example of the special horse that I have. That I HAVE!!! It's obnoxious, and I know it, but I can't stop!!
When I meet people I think "I can't wait to introduce you to Pippi." My bestie lives in Florida, and has never met Pip, and I am dying for her to come up. In large part because she just must meet Pippi.
I am the worst stage mom, ever!!
 Once one of Miranda's friends was rude to Pippi, telling her "get away from me Pippi, I don't like you" and waving her off when she wandered over. I was livid. And to this day I just can't stand that little snot. To the point of "dark alley, no witnesses, watch out little girl." Okay, not really, but.................That's insane!!

To be fair to myself, I don't care whether Pippi wins any ribbons, whether we show well or not. I don't think I would be the kind to blame a judge, or ever truly be disappointed in Pippi. I just love showing her off, and everything she does is just so adorable, it's disgusting. If we go to the clinic and she has a complete melt down, I can assure you that I will have a totally plausible excuse for that. Probably blaming myself for lack of preparation, for not reading her cues right, for not taking my time, for whatever....

So am I really sick in the head? Do I need medication? With this post I hope to hear that this is normal behaviors and feelings, but since you are mostly horse people I fear that you may be a bit subjective. But I'll take it! Oh, and by the way, don't you think Pippi is just awesome, and the greatest equine ever?

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Kelly said...

I know the going from show mom to competitor feeling - and it is pretty awesome :) Enjoy the clinic and you and Pippi will be spectacular!
I, too, beam like an idiot when someone compliments my Diva - totally natural and expected!