Thursday, November 29, 2012

The BIG Switch! (advice requested)

As I wrote in the previous post, Pippi is on the mend, and we will soon (relative term isn't it?) be riding once again. The date for the mount up is set for December 29th, unless there is a downgrade of her condition by then. She might even be fit to ride now, we are lunging, but I want to wait longer than necessary as I am afflicted with a condition called Worry-Wartism.

Anyway, a momentous decision has been made in lieu of the type of injury she sustained. We are switching disciplines and will from now on be, Drumroll please, doing Dressage.


Yeah that's right, Dressage! I have mulled it over for a while now, and I just can not talk myself into the idea of Pippi jumping again. The tendon is always weaker after a bow, and it is just not worth the risk when we could so easily switch. As stated before, I don't really care what we do, as long as we ride and learns and grow and have fun. I was jumping Hunters, because that is what Pippi does, and so if Pippi doesn't, well then I don't either.
The good news is that current BO can give me beginner lessons in Dressage, as she has a working knowledge of it, and can at least get me started. I really cool friend, offered to let me ride her horse to see what a dressage horse feel like, and I will take her up on that for sure. So I can ride my own horse, and have lessons on my own horse, and do it at home? Whats the downside? Not seeing Kay as often!! And that is a biggy for me as I adore her. I have not told her yet, but will this weekend, and I am sure she will understand. I would love to take Dressage lessons from her, but no truck to get Pippi there and I would rather take lessons on my own horse.
The plan is to start lessons as soon as Pippi and I are in fighting shape, so late January perhaps....

Meanwhile, with my scarce knowledge of Dressage, what advice do you have?
Start with what?
Work on what first?
What makes you love Dressage?



Kelly said...

Dressage - yeah!!! Since I am such an expert, LOL, here are my answers to your questions:

Start with what? Intro Level and work your way up - even though Pippi can w/t/c beautifully, I have seen riders jump right in at First Level and overface themselves and their horse.

Work on what first? Your position. I had to go backward, because my first trainer was an eventer and did not care about my body position. It still amazes me how much difference it makes in Riva's movement when my position is balanced and correct.

What makes you love Dressage? There are clear levels to advance with building movements. What you work on in the Intro Levels, prepares you for Training Level, and on up. I love that you are competing against yourself - you are not only trying to win 1st place (if you decide to compete) but you are more importantly trying to better your highest score.

Now that I have commented a book - can not wait to follow your new journey!

Emme said...

Those are actually all the reasons I think I am going to like it. Its almost like getting belts in martial arts with clear feedback along the way. Cant wait!!
I plan on starting out as though I am new to riding and not just Dressage. BO will give us quidance to let me know where we are. And I gave NO expectations other than that we will work on things. And improve

L.Williams said...

Work on Straight first!